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I-Car Certified

Safety seems to be the leading trend for automakers these days. In the past progression toward safer cars, devices like seat belts and air bags were aimed at protecting you in a crash. Today, new safety technology is moving toward preventing an accident from happening at all. "We are seeing a rapid shift from passive safety technology to active safety technology in modern cars," said senior analyst Karl Brauer of Kelley Blue Book. Backup cameras and crash avoidance systems are being used in more makes & models, while full driverless capability on automobiles is being tested and predictions are being made that we can expect to see driverless cars to be available in production as early as 2020.

We at Barker’s understand the importance of keeping up on all of the latest technology. We realize the industry is always advancing and we want to do the same. Our I-CAR Certified technicians have ongoing training and stay informed of the ever-evolving advancements. We want you to feel secure that you’re leaving your vehicle in good hands with us; after all, “you’re DRIVING HOME our REPUTATION."

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